Anima is a third-person action-adventure game that focuses on the relationship between the player character and an AI-controlled eagle. In Anima, you take the role of Nio, a young girl who’s reeling from the loss of her village. Alone and untested, Nio must learn how to work together with an unlikely ally to save herContinue reading “Anima”


Rebound is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, that tells the story through the character’s own narrated thoughts, as they struggle through the five stages of grief, which is the process that makes up how we learn to live with what we lost, in an artistic narrative fashion. The player must explore the mechanics as well as the levelsContinue reading “Rebound”

Pizza Pop

Order Up! Pizza Pop is a two-player competitive light gun game. Pop needs orders filled, and he needs them fast! Players use their trusted topping launchers to fling an assortment of toppings onto airborne pizzas. Utilize accuracy and a perfect balance of toppings to win. Will your sharpshooting reign supreme? Or will your opponent takeContinue reading “Pizza Pop”

Bad Boiz All Around

Bad Boiz All Around is a 2D space shooter where a player takes control of a space fighter against the “Bad Boiz”. The player flies around space using your blasters and shockwave to defend themselves for as long as possible against the oncoming “Bad Boiz”. There’s no way out, the only question is how many you’llContinue reading “Bad Boiz All Around”