Interested in playing the game for yourself? You can do just that here.

Rebound is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, that tells the story through the character’s own narrated thoughts, as they struggle through the five stages of grief, which is the process that makes up how we learn to live with what we lost, in an artistic narrative fashion.

The player must explore the mechanics as well as the levels using visualized sound waves to navigate their environments as opposed to traditional sight. The player will be able to traverse left and right as well as jump and stomp, all of which will produce sound waves. The player will avoid enemies and solve puzzles as both enemies and interactable objects will emit their own visualized sound. Once the player overcomes the challenge set before them, they will move onto the next stage.

This game was developed as the final project for my spring semester sophomore game production class at Bradley University.

Alex Cline – Producer @daRealAlexCline
Steven Drovie – Programmer @SDrovie
Trent Lewis – Level Designer @tgrahamlewis