Prototypes At Jump Simulation

For several months during 2018 – 2019, I was an intern at Jump Simulations, where I made several prototypes for various projects. In total, I worked on three different prototypes, with one being added to a preexisting project before I left.

Prototype 1: Memory Game

For the last prototype I worked on while at Jump Simulation, I was tasked with creating the layout and functionality for a memory-style game for an existing project meant for an older audience. After creating the basic functionality for the cards, the main developer on the project transferred it over where I then tested it within the app and made changes based on those tests as well as any other requirements. The app was still under development when my internship finished.

If you’re interested in checking out the Memory Game Prototype, click here.

Prototype 2: Event Check-In

A simple prototype to allow easy check-in at events for OSF Healthcare, I created this prototype with the idea that it could be expanded by other developers after I had left.

If you’re interested in checking out the Event Check-In Prototype, click here.

Prototype 3: ProBe Project

This was the first project I worked on while at Jump Simulation. A problem at Jump Simulation was getting requests for materials that would not fix the issue because they have not correctly identified the issue. For this project, the aim of this project was to create an experience that would help problem-solvers identify the cause of a problem so they find a solution that works. This project was shelved during development to move me to higher priority projects.

If you’re interested in checking out the ProBe Project, click here.