Order Up! Pizza Pop is a two-player competitive light gun game. Pop needs orders filled, and he needs them fast! Players use their trusted topping launchers to fling an assortment of toppings onto airborne pizzas. Utilize accuracy and a perfect balance of toppings to win. Will your sharpshooting reign supreme? Or will your opponent take the title of big cheese?

This game was created in Unity for the Interactive Media Practicum class at Bradley University and was showcased at Fuse 2019. It used custom created light guns (created by Andy Noetzel) which had two triggers and two buttons each. The triggers shot the toppings why the buttons changed the topping you were firing. During its development, I served as a general programmer after it was selected to be developed for Fuse that year. While I am no longer on this project, I believe the team continued development and submitted it to IndieCade after Fuse 2019 ended.

You can see the full team as well as addition information about Fuse 2019 by clicking here.