Interested in playing the game for yourself? You can do just that here.

Anima is a third-person action-adventure game that focuses on the relationship between the player character and an AI-controlled eagle. In Anima, you take the role of Nio, a young girl who’s reeling from the loss of her village. Alone and untested, Nio must learn how to work together with an unlikely ally to save her family and clan from a terrible fate.

This game was created for I was doing my semester abroad in the Netherlands during my second-semester junior year, the spring of 2020. The team was made up of about 35 people and for the majority of the team, this was there first time working on a game project. It was also completely remote with about a third of the team (including myself) being located in the Midwestern United States, creating a seven-hour time difference for a large portion of the team.

I served as the project manager for this game, so a majority of my time was spent trying to smooth the production process as much as I was able to. Tasks I performed included attempting to scope the project down from start to finish, helping team leads with communication issues within and without their teams, helping team leads handle issues within their team, and being the primary line of communication between the instructors and the team.