Game Design Projects


Anima is a third-person action-adventure game that focuses on the relationship between the player character and an AI-controlled eagle. In Anima, you take the role of Nio, a young girl who’s reeling from the loss of her village. Alone and untested, Nio must learn how to work together with an unlikely ally to save her family and clan from a terrible fate.

Made with a international team of 35 people during COVID-19. 

Party Corgis

Attract as many corgis as possible to your party.

Originally created for Lantana Games’ Corgi Jam on in June of 2017 and developed in the following months.

Jump Simulation Prototypes

Various Prototypes I created while at Jump Simulation.

I had an internship at Jump Simulation during my sophomore year at Bradley University.


Rebound is a 2D side-scrolling platformer, that tells the story through the character’s struggle with the five stages of grief.

This was made with a team of three for my Game Production 1 class during my sophomore year at Bradley University.

Pizza Pop

Pizza Pop is a two-player competitive light gun game. Pop needs orders filled, and he needs them fast! Players use their trusted topping launchers to fling an assortment of toppings onto airborne pizzas. 

This game was created in Unity for the Interactive Media Practicum class at Bradley University and was showcased at Fuse 2019.

Bad Boiz All Around

Bad Boiz All Around is a 2D space shooter where a player takes control of a space fighter against the “Bad Boiz”.

This game was developed as the final project for my Game Design 1 class at Bradley University.