So even with finals bearing down on me, I’ve updated my new portfolio website and it’s pretty nifty if I say so myself. My plan now is to post here with what I’m doing in terms of design work from time to time. So what have I been up to for the last few months during school?

Starting with my Game Design 2 class, we’ve been making prototypes to be developed in Game Production 2 in the spring. Each person has been a part of three different teams and each team created a single prototype. The last one of the prototypes is in progress as I write this post. It’s been a lot of work in a short amount of time but I think it’s gone pretty well. The first prototype I worked on was a 3rd person tower defense game which I think went pretty well. The second prototype was a game where you played as a fish who collected traps and caught humans which was pretty underwhelming if you ask me. The current and final prototype I’m working on is a game where you fly around space collecting parcels and delivering them to a post office. We got some hard realizations about the directions we were exploring after the play test we had this past week but we’re hoping we’ll be on a good track from here on out.

Moving on to my Topics User Experience class, we recently finished up a project in collaboration with Caterpillar where they challenged us to redesign an experience for part of their equipment dealership program. The designs for those will likely get put on this site soon after the semester ends. Now I just got some papers to do.

In terms of personal projects, I started working on a Data Manager tool for Unity over the summer and have continued working on it during this semester. The goal for this tool is to improve the work flow of working with sets of data in Unity. At the start, I made a window which can find and list different data types and objects of that DataType. Selecting on one of the DataTypes objects in this window, it is drawn in the inspector as seen below.

Unity 2020.1.0a9

Currently, the only way to create new DataTypes is to press the plus icon in the DataManager window and select “Create New DataType”. However, I have been working on a method for DataType to be able to generate new DataTypes from a CSV. This means that you won’t even have to manage the data in the editor if you didn’t what to (I probably wouldn’t do it but people have informed me this is a thing people like to do). But what I like about doing this is that it will (hopefully) generate not only the DataType but objects of that DataType as well rather than having to create objects one by one. Currently, I can generate the DataType but it has problems with enum values. My current plan is to check to see if the type exists and if it doesn’t, generate an enum. If that doesn’t work, I might have to have some kind of key that would tell the script that it’s an enum. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

If you like what you see here, you can follow me on twitter @daRealAlexCline. I plan to post there more often with updates of my work.

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